Tianeptine sodium is a novel antidepressant that has shown clinical significance in treating mild and moderate depression and anxiety. Different to traditional anti-depressants, both tianetptine sulphate and sodium forms act on the mu-opioid receptors selectively to elevate mood and relieve anxiety without addiction and other drawbacks of non-selective opioid treatments.

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Tianeptine Info

A relatively old drug - at least compared to many anti-depressants - Tianeptine has been well studied since the 60s for it's effects on mood, depression, and neuro-protective properties. It's particularly effective at treating both mild and major depression [1] and is useful in mitigating comorbid anxiety [2] - lifting low mood successfully enough to stop cyclic and detrimental thought patterns. Tianeptine is not a traditional anti-depressant, and is similar in structure to Tricyclic anti-depressants, though with a notably low side-effect profile due to it's glutamate receptor activity and by increasing BDNF. Tianeptine is recommended to patients who suffer from fatigue with other anti-depressants, and exhibits some small levels of opiod-receptor agonism potentially numbing physical and emotional pain.

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Tianeptine Sulfate: 25mg once a day

Tianeptine Sodium: 12.5mg twice to three times a day.


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